Landfill Harmonic

Friday March 4th, 2016 7:30pm Multi-purpose room

Landfill Harmonic

Opening Night Film.
Turning trash into hope and joy. The astonishing story of how the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, Paraguay did just that. Full of unforgettable characters, from the creative garbage engineer turned music director, and the gifted trash collector able to re-purpose plastics and metals from the dump into flutes, trumpets, saxophones and more, to the children who lose themselves in the magic of musical discovery and an invitation to dream, even amid the misery of an environmental disaster. The orchestra changes lives as it wins international recognition, spotlighting both the transformative power of music and the urgent need for environmental action.

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Audience Award, SXSW 2015
World Cinema Audience Award, AFI Fest 2015
International Audience Award, Vancouver International Film Festival 2015

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