Sea Blind

Saturday March 5th, 2016 2:30pm Vesuvius room

Sea Blind

This eye-opening film brings our attention to the little-known world of shipping. The topic was raised for climate journalist Bernice Notenboom when her attempt to ski across the Arctic Ocean from the North Pole to Canada had to be abandoned due to unstable ice. What was contributing to the melting of the ice? One culprit was the 90% of our goods which are shipped by sea, usually in container vessels. These vessels use very dirty fuel, and encourage ice melt, leading to ever-increasing use of routes through the fragile Arctic. But it’s not too late to effect change.

Sea Blind was also brought to the screen with a lot of Salt Spring talent. Jennifer Abbott was editor and co-writer of the film, Daryl Chonka was the sound engineer and first assistant editor, Brian Nash was the second assistant editor, and Michael Byers is also featured.

About the attending filmmakers
Sarah Robertson is an independent wildlife and science documentary producer and director with 20 years experience. Drawn to remote places, Sarah first went to the Arctic in 1991 with a 16mm camera and filmed whales and walrus under the ice, subsistence Inuit hunting, and polar bears emerging from their dens. Since then, Sarah has returned frequently to the Arctic, working on award winning films and series for major TV networks worldwide. In 2007 Sarah received the Lowell Thomas Award in recognition of excellence in exploring climate change. Through her Canadian company Arctic Bear Productions, she produces and directs content for broadcast, film and multimedia.

Jennifer Abbott is a Canadian multi-award-winning filmmaker drawn to projects that explore the most pressing environmental and social justice issues of our times. She is best known as one of the directors and editor of The Corporation. Most recently, she co-directed Us and Them, a portrait of 4 homeless and addicted street people and co-wrote and edited Sea Blind. She is also the executive producer and editor of I Am. Abbott is especially interested in creating emotionally powerful works that inspire people to think differently about our world. Currently, she is in development with the NFB on a documentary about the psychology of climate change.

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