This 7 minute homegrown gem focuses on past summer events at Xwaaqw'um, the traditional Cowichan name for Burgoyne Bay. This film documents a series of public events with First Nations elders at a summer camp for FN youth that mark a visionary new beginning for Xwaaqw’um and already strengthened relationships between non-indigenous islanders and the indigenous communities who have centuries of history in this place. Moving and inspiring.
With After The Last River

About the attending filmmaker
Ali Harris started her filmmaking journey by making live music videos. Shortly thereafter, she began creating grassroots documentaries about environmental issues along BC’s West Coast, in collaboration with friends. While studying Geography at UBC, Ali makes films that tell stories about various groups, projects and people who are taking a stance for environmental and social justice in unique ways, in hopes to inspire others. Her two most recent films, Sailish and One Big Coast, have collectively been screened more than 75 times across the province.

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