Last Men Standing

Sunday March 5th, 2017 2:30pm Fernwood room

Last Men Standing

“Here we are, 25 years later, still alive and not knowing why”. Last Men Standing tells the stories of eight men from the San Francisco area who are long-term survivors of the AIDS crisis. From learning of their own diagnosis to losing friends, lovers and neighbours in the Castro area of the city, the men talk intimately about living with what they thought would be a certain death sentence. When the discovery of drugs to treat HIV and prevent AIDS altered the course of the epidemic, survival brought new challenges and new struggles for these largely forgotten last men standing.

About The Attending filmmaker
Jesús Guillén is one of the eight men featured in the film. A Single Gay Romantic Latino, singer/composer with a love for creativity. An advocate/activist HIV LONG TERM SURVIVOR of 31 years, founder of the HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS group in social media with more than 4000 members. His story, is a story of immigration, a story of surviving and volunteerism with the main objective of trying to help our community to have not just a longer life, but to grow older with Dignity. His background is in Mass Media, communications and public relations, but through his whole life, music and art has been always the backbone of his life. Always Thankful.

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