The Memory Of Fish

Saturday March 4th, 2017 10:00am Vesuvius room

The Memory Of Fish

A life-time of heroic work by the unassuming Dick Goin inspires this film. It follows his steadfast efforts for the restoration of the king salmon to the Washington State Elwha River―his response to the ninety per cent depletion of the fish population caused by the thirty-three metre dam built without fish passages in 1913. His account of the impact on the life-cycle of the salmon and, more broadly on the habitat created by hidden interconnectedness in the nature around him, underscores the beauty that the dam destroyed. The film captures the beauty restored by Dick’s constancy.

About The Attending Filmmaker
A scientist and a filmmaker, Dr. Jennifer Galvin is internationally recognized for her work at the intersection of environment, health, innovation, and story. She runs reelblue, LLC – an independent film production and media company based in New York. Jennifer was selected to the American Film Institute’s Catalyst Workshop for Science Storytelling and Screenwriting, and to the Environmental Film and Wildlife Documentary Residency held at EICTV, Cuba. Her award-winning feature directorial debut, Free Swim, travelled the globe to reduce youth drowning, promote diversity in ocean-related sports, and ignite community coastal conservation. Jennifer is increasingly interested in expanding her role as advisor/bridge-builder/producer for projects investing in coastal and island entrepreneurs, especially women, in the US and Caribbean. She is dedicated to innovating social impact around five core environmental and health issues: water, food, disease, climate, and energy.

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