My American Cousin

Wednesday April 19th, 2017 7:30pm The Fritz Movie Theatre

My American Cousin

We're taking part in National Canadian Film Day 150, the world's largest film festival celebrating Canadian film in our sesquicentennial year!

My American Cousin is one of Canada's all time favourite films, a true classic of Canadian cinema and a multi award-winner. In 1950s British Columbia, 12-year-old Sandy Wilcox (Margaret Langrick) longs for adventure. When her older American cousin Butch (John Wildman) arrives unexpectedly for a visit, he introduces the impressionable pre-teen to rock & roll, and expands her horizons in this touching and unforgettable coming of age story.

Writer/Director Sandy Wilson will be here to present the screening.

Genie Award: Best Achievement in Direction - Sandy Wilson
Genie Award: Best Motion Picture - Peter O'Brian
Genie Award: Best Screenplay - Sandy Wilson
Genie Award: Best Achievement in Film Editing - Haida Paul
Genie Award: Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role - John Wildman
Genie Award: Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role - Margaret Langrick
Toronto Festival Of Festivals: International Critics' Prize

Admission by donation

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