Show Me What You Care About

Sunday March 5th, 2017 12:30pm Vesuvius room

Show Me What You Care About

Urban living can be isolating and lonely. Or people can be content to interact only within their own small group of like-minded folk. Brianne Nettelfield and Naomi Mark wanted to create a vehicle for people to find connection in new directions. Just being in the same place does not create true interaction. Nor does every day chit-chat. Meaningful relatedness is created through knowing what a person really cares about. Hearing someone talk about their passion can change us. This lovely film tells us some of the “thousand little stories that, once shared, become experiences that shape us.”

About The Attending Filmmakers
Brianne Nettelfield was born in British Columbia and has spent her life hopping back and forth across the Alberta/BC border. She completed a BA in Cultural Studies at UBC and a certificate in directing for film at Langara College. In 2012 Brianne began her first long form documentary film Show Me What You Care About. Inspired by her experience Brianne decided to commit to what she felt passionate about: community, storytelling and transformative experiences. She headed back to her hometown in northern Alberta to begin her next story, The Less You Carry. It may take longer to complete, because it involves canoes, but thankfully she lives by the river.

Naomi Mark is a Yukon born and raised filmmaker who has worked in the film industry for the past six years in both scripted and non-scripted film and television. With a BA in Communication Studies from Concordia University and a Certificate in Directing from Langara College Film Arts, Naomi has spent the majority of her twenties crafting stories for film and video. Most recently Naomi co-directed the short film Underdog for CBC Short Docs and is a producer on the critically acclaimed film Aim For The Roses. Having just completed directing her first long form documentary Show Me What You Care About Naomi is already deep in production on her first feature film, How to Bee.

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