Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of our Lives

Wednesday February 21st, 2018 7:30am ArtSpring

Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of our Lives

Chris Perkel’s riveting profile of legendary music man Clive Davis spans a remarkable five-decade career, providing an incredible tour of the most sensational music from the ‘60s to the rise of hip-hop. A very square and straight young Clive Davis sees Janis Joplin perform at the flower-strewn, marijuana-soaked 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. He is wearing a V neck tennis sweater over white pants. Kind of like showing up at a 1970s Beaver Point Hall dance in a suit! Although he is feeling out of place, he describes "I felt my spine tingle and my arms vibrate," He's blown away and describes it as an "epiphany" ~ "I realized this was going to be the future. I could feel it in my bones." And it was the future, which he helped shape in his more than 50 year career in the music business.

Director Chris Perkel captures the endearing relationships Clive forged with A-list Artists like Aretha Franklin, who calls Davis "the greatest record man of our time." And Paul Simon who recalls how Davis championed "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Davis wells up with tears when reflecting on the father/daughter like relationship he had with Whitney Houston, who died of a drug overdose in 2012. He was dressed by Miles Davis who sent him "a pair of black-and-gray flared trousers, a black-and-gray striped vest, and a long sleeved black shirt" which he asked Davis to wear to a Grateful Dead concert he was opening for. Davis describes his fabulous Pre-Grammy parties, as "one of my proudest achievements" ... "the party is still going strong – more exclusive, more unique, and more festive than ever." With this documentary we all get to join in on the Clive Davis party.

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