The Radicals

The Radicals (2018, Canada, 75 min.) follows young snowboarders and surfers in their quest for pristine and extreme landscapes while balancing their sports with their passions for activism. They traverse across the mountains, rivers and oceans of the West Coast of British Columbia, nurturing their relationships with First Nations communities and joining them in their fight for the environment, Indigenous practices and subsistence. Juxtaposed with incredible cinematography, we see current anthropocene devastation and witness the Tahltan Nation's fight for the Iskut Headwaters, BC Hydro’s corruption in Xwísten, a coastal uprising against fish farms and the exquisite and strong Haida Gwaii Nation's resilience through their Art and Cultural practices. Elders, youth, women and men in each community teach these hungry for justice athletes what it means to be a true radical.With visually stunning extreme adventure sport scenes, honest personal reflections from each radical and their personal commitments to the communities they have come to befriend, this film inspires and reassures us our planet is gently and passionately cherished in the hands of strong young activists. FILM STARTS AT 7:30 PM Salt Spring Island filmmaker, film subject and producer of the film, Jasper Snow Rosen and film subject Director Tamo Campos (David Suzuki's grandson!) will be in attendance for a post screening Q & A. Tickets ($15.00) can be purchased at Art Spring

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